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June 2003

  Going to "Java Land"?
The Indonesian government may build a Disney-like retail center near the famed Borobudur Temple.

  Room for Reconciliation
Russia and Germany celebrate the re-creation of the legendary "Amber Room."

  Art Dispenser
A North Carolina artist finds a novel way to sell art--from vintage cigarette machines.

  Hofmann's Legacy
A new PBS documentary explores the teaching contributions of abstract painter Hans Hofmann.

The FBI, the state of North Carolina and a high-profile antiques dealer spar over a controversial copy of the Bill of Rights.

  Gilded Glory
Students restore George Vanderbilt III's bedroom at the Biltmore in Asheville, N.C.

  Chez Gachet
The historic home where van Gogh spent his final days opens to the public.

  Porcelain Paradise
Small-town museum to house a top collector's 800-piece collection of fine jade, porcelain and ivory.

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