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Current Issue

Summer 2003

This month, Art & Antiques celebrates its Silver Anniversary by highlighting hallmarks from the past 25 years. Elsewhere in the issue, Bobbie Leigh surveys Photorealist marvels, Matthew Rose reports on the cultural losses in Iraq, and Jason Edward Kaufman contemplates Jean-Antoine Houdon's unrivaled portraiture.
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Articles Online

Chicago Style: The Windy Style has it all: antiquities to cutting-edge art.
By Margaret Littman. Illustrations by Vernon Carne.

Bruce Cline's emulsion-transfer images seem to float above the paper's surface, obeying no natural laws of form or shape.
By Laura Faye Taxel. Portrait by David Samiec.

WORLD VIEW: Paradise Lost
Will a cultural Garden of Eden vanish in the fog of war?
By Matthew Rose

REVIEW: Jefferson's America & Napoleon's France
A fascinating exhibition revisits the world's greatest real estate deal.
By Doris Goldstein

Tokyo, The Imperial Capital
An upcoming exhibition explores how Tokyo transformed itself into a modern, international city.
By Bobbie Leigh

Art Crimes
Help save culture! Stolen art is listed on our bulletin, assisted by the Art Loss Register.

Exclusive to the Issue

25-Year Art Overview
A retrospective of the art world's movers, shakers and iconoclasts.
By Hilton Kramer

Oh What a Beautiful Market
The art and antiques business has surfed high peaks and weathered economic storms during the past quarter-century.
By Joel Groover

Art of the Heist
Fine-art thefts range from simple shoplifting to elaborate "Thomas Crown" affairs.
By David Robbeson

Alternate Realities
Photorealist painters transcend photographic images to create personal visions.
By Bobbie Leigh

Second Nature
Daniel Ost's dramatic, ephemeral designs capture the soul of flowers.
By Janie N. Lewis

BUYING BUZZ: Surrealism for Sale
The controversial auction of Andre Breton's famed collection drew stink bomb-lobbing protesters, as well as monied bidders like Madonna and Bill Gates.
By Matthew Rose

REVIEW: Legends in Stone
"Houdon" turns the National Gallery into an 18th-century soiree.
By Jason Edward Kaufman

A&A; INSIDER: Value System
How to get the most accurate appraisals.
By Roberta Maneker

THEN & NOW: Taking Shape
Wicker furniture has moved from Victorian curlicues to sleek minimalism.
By Doris Goldstein

ESSAY: In a Class By Himself
Andy Warhol's fortuitous failure in the classroom.
By Bennard Perlman

CLOSER LOOK: Iconic Poses
Deconstructing Cindy Sherman's starlets.
By John T. Spike

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