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The domain name has been acquired by 5-4-2014.

Regarding the owners of prior to 5-4-2014 we have no knowledge or contact information,  nor are we affiliated in any capacity with the previous owners. Sorry. If you must contact the previous owners, try WHOIS and/or

As for the new owners of the ArtAntiquesMag,, we acquired this domain to help find knowledgeable writers and collectors of art and antiques.  Currently, we are accepting submissions of well written, previously unpublished articles about art and antiques for our blog. If you would like to write for, or have some other interest such as  becoming a featured dealer, please contact us using the links below.

Art and Antique Writers Wanted:

Are you an art or antique dealer? Do you have a vast knowledge you would like share? Do you want to establish or further enhance your credibility as an expert in your choosen area of expertise? Are you a collector that just loves to talk about the finer points of your collections? Excellent!  We would love to have you write for us.  Please follow this link for submission guidelines, copyright release and payment terms. *Authors receive byline, link to their website if available and promotion of article on our home page and social network.

Add your Estate Sale Company to directory:

To add a company to simply visit this link and complete the form. Basic listings are free. To become a preferred dealer and have the ability to add unlimited sales to our Estate Sale channel, please review this page and complete the form.

Hire an estate sale company: 

There are two ways to hire an estate sale company on our site.

1) Simply browse the directory and contact estate sale companies individually.

2) Use our Multi-bid tool.  It saves time by allowing you to send your request to multiple estate sale companies with a single click.

If you hire a company through, please write a review.


If one of the options above does not suit your need, please contact us here.

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