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Top gallery shows of the month. Contact Megan Thom to submit an event to this calendar.
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 Ongoing - August 25  
New York City
Sculpture from The Museum of Modern Art at The New York Botanical Garden. Some of the best-loved icons of modern sculpture. The New York Botanical Garden. (212)708-9431.

 Ongoing - September 14  
The Montana Collection: Selections from the permanent collection. Contemporary Crafts Gallery. 503.223.2654.

 Ongoing - September 7  
San Marino
The California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill will feature paintings from artists who spent two weeks in the Arizona and California deserts. 626.449.5458.

 Ongoing - August 15  
New York
Road Show
A group invitational exhibition featuring work by 24 artists. George Adams Gallery. 212.644.5665.

 Ongoing - August 31  
The 2003 DeCordova Annual Exhibition. DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park. 781.259.8355.

 Ongoing - September 7  
A Moment in Time : Photographs by the Allen Sisters, 1885-1920
Small exhibition of 50 platinum prints. Winterthur, An American Country Estate. 302.888.4600.

 Ongoing - September 7  
Chestnut Hill
Abyssinia, 1867-1868: Artists on Campaign
Drawings and watercolors by Robert Baigrie, Adam George Forbes Hogg and William Simpson who traveled to Abyssinia with the expedition of Robert Napier in 1868. McMullen Museum of Art Boston College. 617.552.8100.

 Ongoing - August 22  
New York
Ansel Adams : 100+1
Robert Mann Gallery. 212.989.7600.

 Ongoing - September 21  
Hermosa Beach
Urban Anatomy: Contemporary California Art & the City Explores the California urban landscape. Gallery C. 310.798.0102.

 Ongoing - September 6  
New York
The First Decade:Masters of Latin American Photography
Array of works from artist spanning over several generations. Throckmorton Fine Art. 212.223.1059.

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