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Museum Scene

Current and upcoming museum exhibitions. Contact Megan Thom to submit an event to this calendar.
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 Ongoing - November 10  
The Quilts of Gees Bend. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. (713) 639-7300.

 Ongoing - August 10  
Washington, D.C.
"Do It Yourself: Home Improvement in 20th-Century America." National Building Museum. (202) 272-2448.

 Ongoing - December 29  
The Book of Kings: Art, War, and the Morgan Library's Midieval Picture Bible. The Middle Ages come alive. The Walters Art Museum. (410)547.9000.

 Ongoing - August 3  
Montclair, NJ
Conversion to Modernism: The Early Works of Man Ray Montclair Art Museum. 973.746.5555.

 Ongoing - October 19  
New York
The World of Buddhism: Selections from the Asia Society's Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection. Asian Society. 212.288.6400.

 Ongoing - September 7  
Unearthing the Allure of Gems. Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences. 203.869.0376.

 Ongoing - September 14  
Textiles by William Morris. Explores the work of pre-eminent 19th-century designer. The Baltimore Museum of Art. 410.396.6300.

 Ongoing - November 12  
New York
Egypt Reborn: Art for Eternity. Exhibition of books that inspired and chronicled exploration and excavation of Egypt. Brooklyn Museum of Art. 718.638.5000.

 Ongoing - January 4, 2004  
New York
Harlem Lost and Found. Traces the architectural history of Harlem from pre-Revolutionary times to World War I. The Museum of the City of New York. 212.534.1672.

 Ongoing - August 17  
New York
Art of the First Cities: The Third Millennium B.C. from the Mediterranean to the Indus. Civilizations of Ancient Iraq, Turkey, and Pakistan. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 212.570.3951.

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