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May 2002

  Changing Demographics
The U.S. art market is back on track. By Brook S. Mason

  Raider of the Stolen Art
Frederick Schultz is convicted of conspiring to sell stolen antiquities. By A.P.

  Arnault Dumps Phillips Shares
Bernard Arnault sells his Phillips stock. By A.P.

  Sculpture Park Central
Contemporary art blossoms in Central Park. By Dana Micucci

  20th-Century Fete
A new fair debuts in Paris this June. By A.P.

  Heart of Glass
A new museum redefines glass as a medium. By Edie Jarolim

  Primavera Premier
Santa Barbara, California, celebrates its rich art history. By Katherine Hall

  High Conservation
The High Museum of Art emerges as a conservation powerhouse. By Patti Verbanas

  More to Meijer
The Frederik Meijer Gardens expands. By Kirsten Ott

  Winners Galore
The Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation announces the winners of its 2001 biennial competition. By Bilen Mesfin

  Web Exclusive: Taubman Sentenced
Sotheby?s courtroom saga ends?for now. By Amy Page

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